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Firmware Updates

We are always working on and and adding features to the firmware of the OBDKey units.

The latest firmware is always programmed into every OBDKey unit (WiFI, Bluetooth and USB) so that new customers will benefit from the new firmware.

The new firmware is also available to existing customers with OBDKey Bluetooth, OBDKey WLAN and OBDKey USB versions.

The latest firmware features are as follows:

  • Further support for ELM327 1.4 commands
  • Set baud to 38400, 57600, 250000, 500000 (USB only)
  • Configurable keep alive frame up to 6 bytes (for developers who like to customise their applications)
  • Independently set timer_iso_P2, and timer_iso_P3Min (for developers who need control of timings for vehicles other than OBD-II)
  • CAN variable frame size (variable DLC for developers who need more control of CAN based frames for vehicles other than OBD-II)
  • CAN full control using a new "binary" mode
  • K Line full control using a new "binary" mode
  • VW protocol KW1281 (like VAG COM) fully supported - with fault code reader software for VW / Audi Group vehicles
  • Subaru SSM protocol (like ECUExplorer / JDash / Torque Android ) fully supported - fault code reader software for Android.
  • Settable ISO baud rate to 10400, 9600, 4800, 15625, 62500, 57600,8192
  • Support for 5 byte ISO 9141 and 5 byte KW1281 initialisation sequences (important for non-OBDII modules)
  • Maximum send and receive frame sizes increased for ISO 9141 and ISO 14230 protocols.
  • CAN data buffer expanded for incoming large CAN frames
Customers with older firmware will not significantly benefit from the new firmware unless they require

  • Compatibility with professional ELM327 programs (like TouchScan, ProScan, PCMSCAN, DashCommand, OBD2007 etc.)
  • Faster data readings using the high speed USB settings
  • VW fault code readings
  • Subaru SSM compatibilty (works with ECU Explorer to read all data from the Subaru engine controller)
  • Compatibility with professional vehicle specific programs like FiatECUScan and AlfaDiag

The firmware update on units before vversion 1.40 requires that the OBDKey unit is returned to the manufacturer for reconfiguring. This process costs 20.00 to cover the upgrade, unit handling and postage back to you. 

OBDKey units with firmware 1.40 or later on board can be updated using our Windows PC Firmware Update utility. This is free to OBDKey owners (verification will be required).

How To Get Your Pre 1.40 OBDKey Firmware Updated

  • Please pay the fee before sending us back your unit - see below
  • Download the OBDKey Firmware Update Request Form
  • Print and Complete the OBDKey Firmware Update Request Form
  • Send us the OBDKey unit(s) with the completed OBDKey Firmware Update Request Form
  • Wait for a few days and your unit will arrive back with the latest firmware updated.
  • Just send the unit by itself please. Retain the CD and packaging for further use.
  • If returning the unit from outside the EU (Europe) please mark the customs as a "return for repair" and state the value as "$1.00", or similar nominal value in local currency. This will inform customs not to charge import taxes again as this has already been paid once.
  • Please enclose your name and return address too.
OBDKey Firmware Update Payment KBM221

22.00 (apprx. Euro 24.27 / US $35.51)

Price includes shipping to all destinations. Price includes VAT to destinations inside the European Community.

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See terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions.


September 2020 The OBDKey Firmware Update is available for OBDKey units sold prior to December 2010 for the OBDKey USB Interface Units, OBDKey WLAN Interface Units and the OBD Bluetooth Interface Units. 


Euro and Dollar prices are approximate and will vary according to the currency rates applied by the eCommerce provider.  What you pay is the UK sterling price. The eCommerce provider (PayPal or Google Checkout) applies their own conversion rate which is subject to change.

Conversion rates used above are for illustration only, based on a rate of $1.61 US to 1 British Pound, and 1.10 Euro to 1 British Pound.

Price includes software.

Value added (Sales) Tax (VAT)

This is applied at a rate of 20% on sales for delivery to the UK and EC member state countries. No value added tax is applied to destinations outside the UK and the EC member state countries. Pricing does not include local duties and taxes which may need to be paid on receipt of the goods at destinations other than UK and EC. For destinations other than UK and EC local duties and taxes are not included in the price and may be payable by the recipient.

For UK and EU customers, please note that the VAT rate is 20% since 4th January 2011.

Delivery Conditions

We ship our products to ANYWHERE in the world. Fast, secure airmail is used as the low cost shipping method. We also provide a courier service.

All UK deliveries are sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery on a guaranteed next working day service. 

Deliveries by Airmail will be sent by the Royal Mail Airsure service to Andorra, Austria, Azores, Balearic Islands, Belgium, Canary Islands, Corsica, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Madeira, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Slovak Republic, Spain, Spitzbergen, Sweden, Switzerland and USA.  All other destinations using the airmail service will be sent by the Royal Mail International Signed For service.  These services may take from 2 to 8 days depending on destination.

Deliveries by courier will be sent by a courier service, usually DHL, UPS or Fedex.  80% of courier deliveries are within 2 days. Delivery times vary between 2 to 5 days.

Alternative Payment Methods

We recognise that PayPal or Google Checkout is not suitable for everyone across the world.  If you are not able to use the PayPal or Google Checkout payment systems, we are pleased to accept direct bank transfers via BACS or SWIFT settlement systems.  Alternatively we may accept posted cheques made payable to KBM Systems Ltd, or money transfers where permitted.

Please contact us directly by sending an email to sales@obdkey.com for details of alternative payment methods.

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