About Us


About Us

KBM Systems Ltd, based in London, United Kingdom, develops electronic products for the automotive and wireless communications markets.

KBM Systems Ltd. has developed the OBDKey® vehicle interface unit and associated software.  The hardware, firmware and software has been developed in-house to ensure a high quality engineered solution.

Society of Automotive Engineers Member

For full information on KBM Systems visit www.kbmsystems.net

KBM Systems Ltd. is a Bluetooth adopter member company.

OBDKey® is manufactured in the UK under the design authority of KBM Systems Ltd. The printed circuit boards and all components are lead (Pb) free and RoHS compliant.

The printed circuit boards process specification is IPC6012 with PCB assembly workmanship to IPC-A-610 Class 2.

OBDKey® is designed, engineered, coded, manufactured and produced wholly by KBM Systems Ltd. since 2004 (formerly known as the "OBD Bluetooth transmitter" and "Car-Pal").

OBDKey® is a registered trademark of KBM Systems Ltd.



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OBDKey® is produced by KBM Systems Ltd. OBDKey is a registered trademark of KBM Systems Ltd.

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