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  Engine (MIL) Light On?

If the engine light on your dashboard has come on it means that the vehicle's own on-board computer has found a critical fault in the electronic engine management system (ECU).  This requires urgent attention to find out what the car diagnostics ECU has found and what to do to repair the problem and clear the fault from the ECU.

The OBDKey and its supplied software helps a vehicle owner to find out those faults from the ECU.  Usually only a garage or trained professional is able to tell you what the car diagnostics ECU has found.

Any information found by the OBDKey is referred to the supplied fault code look up database built into the OBDKey software. The OBDKey owner will make a clear decision to either fix the fault himself or take the vehicle to a garage professional equipped with the information needed by the mechanics to repair the fault. This will save the vehicle owner both time and money.

The OBDKey will help you to know and understand the status of your vehicle's engine management system before taking it to the garage.

Prospective car buyers can save wasted time and negotiate better deals by examining used vehicles with OBDKey before buying.

Faults But Not Light On Yet?

Not all engine management trouble codes will illuminate the Check Engine light, but OBDKey will be able to inform you of all fault codes, whether temporary faults or longer term faults.

By detecting faults early in the fault diagnosis cycle a vehicle owner can avoid costly repairs by understanding what is wrong before further damage may occur as a result of faulty components in the vehicle.

Reading Fault Codes?

With the OBDKey vehicle interface you are able to:

  • Read all fault codes stored in the vehicle's computer

  • Reset all fault codes stored in the vehicle's computer

  • Read real time data

All the information read in from the vehicle's computer is decoded for you into plain text with meanings where possible. This helps troubleshooting enormously and takes the guess work and the expense out of vehicle electronic diagnostics.


There is no need to look up generic fault codes in a code data book as there is a regularly updated database built into the OBDKey supplied software.

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