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OBDKey Software Developers

OBDKey uses a serial interface making software integration into your own projects *very* straight forward.

We provide an SDK in the form of extensive data sheets with many ECU data response samples, instruction manuals and sample code (C and C#) where we can show how to set up the serial and / or IP sockets communications interface to the OBDKey unit. This is free of charge, but only supplied to OBDKey customers.

Advanced Control

Additionally, OBDKey has had added many new features to its firmware to allow for more advanced control of the vehicle OBD interface.  In particular OBDKey supports an advanced CAN bus and K line interface.

With the advanced CAN bus mode it is possible to

  • Set CAN filters for specific CAN IDs or range of IDs

  • Multiple CAN filters for multiple CAN message handlers available

  • Send CAN frames to any CAN ID with variable length DLC

  • CAN frames received are unprocessed by OBDKey in this mode, allowing advanced CAN bus control in the application

  • Increased CAN send frame length. Total data payload may be transmitted over several frames with your pre-set interframe wait time.

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