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What Is OBD?

OBD-II is a standard enforced on vehicle manufacturers to allow access to on-board diagnostic information.

Modern vehicles rely upon computers to control and monitor all aspects of the vehicle's operation. Today’s car contains numerous on-board electronic control units (ECU's) which are advanced computers responsible for engine management, transmission, anti-lock brakes and many other functions too.

Each ECU relies upon a variety of sensors to monitor vehicle operation such as speed, engine RPM, coolant temperature, and oxygen sensors. While driving, if the vehicle’s on-board computer system detects a problem the computer reports the error using a Diagnostic Trouble Code. A Diagnostic Trouble Code number is the method by which the ECU reports a problem with the vehicle. Only scan tools may be used to access these diagnostic trouble codes.

If your vehicle supports OBD-II our products will be able to access data from your vehicle.

The following summarises the list of vehicles on which OBDKey will work:

  • Works on all 1996 and newer cars built for the USA market and light trucks that are OBD-II compliant

  • Works on all 2001 and newer petrol cars built for European and Asian markets that are OBD-II compliant

  • Works on all 2004 and newer diesel cars built for the European and Asian markets that are OBD-II compliant

  • Since December 2010 OBDKey also retrieves fault codes from early VW Audi Group vehicles using the KW1281 protocol

  • OBDKey may be configured for many different configurations for CAN bus applications including J1939 and non-OBDII CAN bus speeds (up to 1 M bit /s)

Compatible Vehicles

Works on all OBD-II or EOBD compliant vehicle's worldwide.

Including: U.S. Models - European - Japanese - Asian - German - Korean

OBD Scan Tools - How They Work

First plug your OBDKey into the vehicle's standard "OBD-II style" Data Link Connector that is usually under the steering wheel, in the centre console, under the handbrake or in the passenger side footwell. Run the supplied software on your PC, Pocket PC, Palm or mobile phone and the OBDKey will access the vehicle’s on-board computers and will inform what all the problems are.

OBDKey is easy to use and retails at a very affordable price for customers from enthusiasts to professional mechanics.

Technical Data

  • Covers all common communication standards (including the latest CAN bus as well as SAE J1850 VPWM, SAE J1850 PWM, KWP 2000, ISO 9141, KW1281).

  • Software supplied for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Palm, Windows Smartphone and Google Android.

  • WLAN, Bluetooth or USB communication

  • Operating Temperature- 0 to 50 degrees C (32 to 122 degrees F)

  • No batteries needed. External Power (8.0 to 32 volts) is provided from the vehicle battery via the same OBD-II style Data Link Connector.

  • Faster than the standard ELM based devices. OBDKey supports ELM commands but has a custom high speed controller to speed up apps and PC software.

  • Supports J1939, SW CAN and MS CAN protocols as well as the five standard OBD-II protocols.  OBDKey also supports a transparent CAN bus mode for really advanced control and monitoring of the CAN bus.

  • Smallest scan tool with the same form for all interface technologies. The OBDKey caseworks has been in use since 2004 and proved to fit mechanically and electrically to every vehicle installation with zero problems and no obstruction of driver or passenger leg room.

  • Battery saving firmware lets you leave OBDKey plugged in without danger of draining your car’s battery. Battery should be regularly checked.

  • Read and clear your MIL / Check Engine light.  With OBDKey you can check diagnostic codes for yourself and make well informed repair decisions.

  • Works on Windows PCs, SmartPhones, PDAs and tablet devices.

  • Inclusive diagnostics software.  The supplied CD has software for OBDKey so you will not need to look further for third party applications (except for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod)

  • Covered by our 24 month warranty and guarantee of compatibility with any OBDII compliant vehicle.

Development with OBDKey as your Vehicle Gateway

OBDKey is a real-time, store-and-forward platform that uses airtime-free 802.11, Wi-Fi, USB or Bluetooth short range wireless as an communications  system. We provide software for many platforms with each product on CD and also via download (purchase required).

OBDKey is a user-installed vehicle unit which can gather information from the vehicle’s diagnostics port. The information is then passed into the computer, mobile phone or handheld device using access over standard Wi-Fi, USB or Bluetooth to push the vehicle information and data into a graphical output. 

The OBDKey vehicle data gateway unit functionality and operation may be updated remotely using our highly reliable OBDKeyUpdate protocol, allowing the most versatile, adaptable, and flexibly deployed vehicle data gateway solution available today.

OBD Compliance Dates Around the World

The following table is a list of dates for OBD compliance for vehicles around the world (as at January 2016)

·         Argentina - 2008 (domestic), 2009 (imported)

·         Australia - 2006 (petrol), 2007 (diesel)

·         Brazil - 2010 (petrol) (with limited support since 2007)

·         Canada - 1998

·         China - 2008 (Beijing), 2010 (petrol) , 20011 (diesel)

·         Chile - 2013 (diesel), 2014 (petrol)

·         European Union - 2001 (petrol), 2004 (diesel)

·         Hong Kong - 2006 (petrol), 2009 (diesel)

·         Iran - 2012

·         Israel - 2003

·         India - 2013 (with limited support since 2010)

·         Japan - 2002 (basic), 2008 (domestic), 2010 (imported)

·         Mexico - 2006 to 2013

·         Morocco - 2011

·         New Zealand - 2006

·         Russia - 2010

·         Singapore - 2014

·         South Korea - 2005 to 2010

·         Taiwan - 2006 (diesel), 2008 (petrol)

·         Thailand - 2013

·         Turkey - 2013

·         USA - 1996

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