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Featured Vehicle - Ford Mondeo (diesel 2006)

Make   Ford



Vehicle Model Year   2006
Scan Tool In Use   OBDKey Bluetooth
Extra Vehicle Information    
2.0 TDCi 130 Titanium 5 dr hatch
Vehicle OBD-II Compliance EOBD (Europe)

Technical information : Mode 1, PID 1C response: 06

Protocol Detected SAE J1850 PWM
Scan Tool Connector Location

  Inside vehicle. Pull down connector location under steering wheel.

Sensors Reporting Live Data

Monitor status since DTCs cleared

Calculated LOAD Value

Engine Coolant Temperature

Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure

Engine RPM

Vehicle Speed Sensor

Intake Air Temperature

Air Flow Rate from Mass Air Flow Sensor

Absolute Throttle Position

OBD requirements to which vehicle is designed

Distance Travelled While MIL is Activated

Technical information : Mode 1, PID Support response: 983B8011

Supported On Board Tests

Comprehensive Component Monitoring (Completed)

EGR System Monitoring (Not Completed)

Technical information : Mode 1, PID 01 response: 00048080

MIL Status MIL Off

Technical information : Mode 1, PID 01 response: 00048080

Stored Faults Detected None

Technical information : Mode 3 response: No data

Pending Faults Detected None

Technical information : No mode 7 response with codes


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